Baseball and the Media Research Committee



Welcome to the Baseball and the Media Research Committee!

The mission is to provide research—i.e., information, analysis, insight, and reference material—pertaining to the media’s coverage of:    

  1. Baseball as News. This will entail telling the story of baseball journalism; its historical development, current state of affairs and its future prospects; its impact on the evolution of baseball as a cultural and commercial phenomenon; biographies of the journalists and reporters who have chronicled and opined about the game through the decades; and providing databases of the journalists and periodicals covering the players, the teams, the leagues and The Game, both current and historical. 
  2. Baseball as an Event. This will entail telling the story of the in-game coverage of baseball games; the stylistic changes of in-game accounts across the years; the evolution of the in-game media employed to bring the game to the fans in real-time, from telegraph to radio to television to Internet; biographies of the broadcasters who have enthralled us with their accounts of the games through the decades; and providing databases of the infrastructure of in-game coverage across all media on the franchise and league levels, both current and historical.

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